A Note on Integrating Small Livestock

We are driven to raise plants and animals in a way that improves the health of the local ecosystem rather than taking away from it.  Plants, animals, and microorganisms naturally work together to build fertility and to hold water to allow life to flourish.  We as tenders of this great earth can promote the growth and relationships that naturally weave together in a fruitful and nourishing way.  For example planting more perennial crops because they do not require annual tilling, heavy doses of nutrients, and constant attention.  Simple: a higher initial investment with a long term reward.

And then to increase the nutrient level and the multi purpose functionality we graze small livestock on the surrounding area to keep down weeds, add manure, and sometime to forage on the trees.  We are driven to move them around to prevent the animals from just nibbling where they like or just turning it into a dead eroded surface.  So to do that requires small groupings of animals with small mobile homes and enclosures (to keep them in and predators out).  We look forward to sharing our trials and tribulations with homemade, mobile poultry and animal housing.  Right now we are building a mobile duck coop with mesh bottom (no poop shoveling required! I can’t wait)

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