Year in Review: 2016 Our First Year On the Farm

2/10/17 It is mid-February and we are just about ready to start our nursery season.  We thought it would be nice to take this opportunity, before the busy season, to give a quick review of 2016 and a look ahead.   Animals Chickens: In 2016 we took over 12 semi retired layers and started 25Continue reading “Year in Review: 2016 Our First Year On the Farm”

NATURE WORKS Farm & Nursery

Working to Nourish Our Bodies, Minds, Spirit, Community, and Habitat. We grow seedlings, cut flowers, and produce.  Our first year on the farm and in production was awesome.  We  also were able to teach classes in the end of the year promoting fall gardening.  Our diversified animal team was kicked off with chickens, ducks, goats,Continue reading “NATURE WORKS Farm & Nursery”

A Note on Integrating Small Livestock

We are driven to raise plants and animals in a way that improves the health of the local ecosystem rather than taking away from it.  Plants, animals, and microorganisms naturally work together to build fertility and to hold water to allow life to flourish.  We as tenders of this great earth can promote the growthContinue reading “A Note on Integrating Small Livestock”